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Duet Software News: 2015/2016

Printing Attendance on VSB Silhouette Reports

March 2016: Vancouver Elementary Schools -  Add attendance to SilhouetteCE and Silhouette4 reports. Instructions are available here. (Note: these instructions have been revised to account for changes in the MyEdBC menus).

February 22, 2016 - An IMPORTANT NOTICE for SilhouetteCE  (Mac) users: 

A number of teachers have reported an "Out of Bounds Error" when entering the Opening Comments screen for term 2 reports.

This problem occurs if the term 1 student files were done on a Windows computer and then exported to Mac.

All Mac users should download and reinstall to get the latest version of SilhouetteCE (v3.0.6) to avoid problems in term 3.

November 14, 2015: An IMPORTANT NOTICE for SilhouetteCE (MacOS) USERS:

Version 3.0.x of SilhouetteCE stores all user data in the User:Home folder.  Existing files will be moved to the new location on startup.

If you updated to version 3.0.0 or 3.0.1 you may not see your existing files.  Version 3.0.2 fixes this problem.

All Mac users should reinstall with version 3.0.2 or higher.  If you are still unable to see your existing files, please contact Duet Software by emailing SCEhelp@duetsoftware.ca

1.  SilhouetteCE Version 3.0.0  (Windows and MacOS) - for use with MyEdBC
    IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR MacOS Users: Because of major changes in the MacOS version of SilhouetteCE, you will not be able to follow the usual update procedure to move to Version 3.0. Instead you must do a full install. However, if you follow the installation instructions you will not lose your classes or comment bases. Please select Silhouette Installs above and then click on VSB SilhouetteCE Installs.

2.  Silhouette4 Version 4.0.11  (Windows and MacOS) - for use with MyEdBC
     IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR MacOS Users: Because of major changes in the MacOS version of Silhouette 4, you will not be able to follow the usual update procedure. The new full install will be available before the end of October 2015.

3.  SilhouetteELAR 3 (Windows and MacOS) - (VSB only) for use with MyEdBC


Checkmarks Problems on SilhouetteCE (Windows)

Problem: Instead of the expected checkmarks being displayed on screen and on the printed reports, 'little igloos'  or 'snowflakes' might be displayed on screen and square brackets might be printed on the printouts.

Important Note: The 'checkmarks' issue is NOT related to Silhouette or to your class folder. Rather it is to do with the computer you are working at having lost contact with the installed font that is used to display the checkmarks. Therefore, the 'checkmarks' issue may occur as you work on one computer but on another computer there may be no issue.  
On the SilhouetteCE opening window, click on the Utilities button and then on the Restore Checkmarks Font button.  This will reinstall the necessary font onto your computer. 
2. There are some cases where the above does not appear to restore the checkmarks: In that case, shut down your computer, wait a minute and restart it. Then run Silhouette and click on Restore Checkmarks button.
3. If the above does not resolve the issue, please email the address shown on the opening window of SilhouetteCE.