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 Silhouette 4  Help

Silhouette4 Version 4.15.0 features support for MyEdBC in two ways:

 1. Schoolwide Data File: Follow the instructions here to create a MyEdBC master.csv (the Schoolwide Data File) extract that will allow Silhouette4 to create classes of student report files.  When the Schoolwide Data File is brought onto the school server from within Silhouette 4 (or SilhouetteCE or SilhouetteELAR), the other schoolwide data file in two Silhouette products will be automatically updated at the same time.

2. Attendance Printed on Silhouette 4 reports: Instructions how to export attendance data from MyEdBC to Silhouette 4 are available here.

New in Version 4.15.0

In Version 4.15.0 of Silhouette 4, when you create a new class folder, the names of the subjects in the intermediate grades grid conform to the revised guidelines. However, you will have to revise the subject names from their current state in your comment base so that the correct subject names will appear in the comments section on the students' reports.

TO RENAME COMMENT BASE TOPICS: Below I have entered my comment base.  I will need to change Physical Education to Physical and Health Education and change FIne Arts to Arts Education.


Below I have entered the Physical Education topic.  At the bottom left of this window I will click on Topic Utilities.


Then I select Rename this Topic and change it to Physical and Health Education.


Intermediate Teachers:

Edit Custom Report Data changes: Very important to Grades 6 and 7 teachers - there is a special message to Grade 6 and 7 teachers regarding reporting for Career Education and Applied Design, Skills,and Technologies.

Additional note:  as with previous versions of Silhouette 4, you are able to change Arts Education to, for example, Music and to add up to three more subject areas in the grades grid.  However, for the Term 3 reports Silhouette 4 will either force an Arts Education subject into the next available position on the grades grid, or, if none is available, print an extra Arts Education Final Grades box onto the Term 3 report into which you must enter the final Arts Education grade by hand.

Grades 6 and 7 only - Career Education and ADST Final Grades entries  

Career Education and Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies final grade are required for grades 6 and 7 reports.  entering these grades is somewhat unconventional.  Instead of entering the grade via the usual grades grid, these are entered in the same window in which you assign the student to the  next grade as part of the Term 3 report.  So on grades 6 and 7 reports that window will look like this:


Note: The grades are assigned by selecting them from a dropdown rather than by typing them in.

The grades 6 and 7 Term 3 reports will then look like this:




Silhouette 4
Batch Importing: Topic Comments and Grades
Note: this tutorial was created with the custom RCS version of Silhouette4.
Click here to download/view a pdf file with instructions for Batch Importing as well as a description of the reporting process when platooning is involved.

Note: This tutorial was created using the Delta version of Silhouette 4 in November 2008. The Copy Template function is introduced in Version 4.6.2.

New in Silhouette 4.8.x
Right-Click Behaviours
In the Comment Base comment edit window and the Student
reports comment edit window, there have been changes to
the right-click behaviours because of the new spell-checker.

Right-clicking a word marked red by the spell checker to
indicate a misspelling, will bring up the spellchecker popup
While holding the SHIFT key, right-clicking text that has
first been highlighted, will bring up the Cut/Copy/Paste
These default behaviours may be switched via the
Right-Click Rules setting in Utilities:RCR
Moving from Student to Student:
    Previous to Version 4.8.0, once you were finished editting a report, you would click on the Save, Then Exit button to return to the Student Reports window where you might click on another student name.
    With Version 4.8.0, you may alternately move to another student report by:

a. Selecting the student name from the dropdown on the Student report window,
b. Clicking on the Previous (<) or Next (>) button.

c. Pressing the F4 (Previous student) or F5 (Next) function keys.

In all cases, the current student report is automatically saved before the selected report is loaded.
Silhouette 4 Help
Classlists and Class Folder with Templates - some issues explained
The Silhouette 4 Users Guide (pdf version - September 2007).