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Emailing Class Folders from home (Telus) in 2019: If your home internet service provider is Telus and you are attempting to email class folders, the recommendation has been to enter mail.telus.net as the SMTP Server. However, this address appears to be no longer valid.  Instead, try smtp.telus.net


SilhouetteCE Version 4 features support for MyEdBC in two ways:

 1. Schoolwide Data File: Follow the instructions here to create a MyEdBC master.csv (the Schoolwide Data File) extract that will allow SilhouetteCE to create classes of student report files. When the Schoolwide Data File is brought onto the school server from within SilhouetteCE (or Silhouette4 or SilhouetteELAR), the other schoolwide data file in two Silhouette products will be automatically updated at the same time.  Important addendum:  When saving the master.csv file make sure that the file type box at the bottom of the save window says .csv (comma delimited).

2. REVISED MARCH 2019: Attendance Printed on SilhouetteCE reports: As of March 2019, SilhouetteCE no longer prints the Lates row of the attendance 'sticker'. This is because MyEDBC does not currently export Lates correctly.

Please note, however, that even though SilhouetteCE will not print the Lates row, in order to export a file from MyEDBC that is valid in SilhouetteCE, the PRINT LATE checkbox must be checked during the attendance file export process in MyEDBC. Revised instructions how to export attendance data from MyEdBC to SilhouetteCE are available here.

Version 4 Notes:  (MacOS version numbers may vary)

Version 4.1.3  June 7, 2017 Fix: if you enter the Grade Assignment section more than once for a student, then the Year will increment incorrectly.

Version 4.1.2  June 1, 0217 Fix: Version 4.1.1 referenced the incorrect version of a mail library causing errors when attempting to email from within SilhouetteCE

Version 4.1.1  May 28, 2017: this update corrects rare issues when a VSB 2016/2017 report may not be interpreted as a Version 4 (2016/2017) report.

Version 4.1.0  January 10, 2017: As of Version 4.1.0 of SilhouetteCE, there is no longer any danger of corrupting your student reprot files if you paste text from a word processor into a SilhouetteCE text window.  The text will automatically be cleaned of all formatting code when pasted.

November 22, 2016: Version 4.0.2 (Windows) and Version 4.0.5 (MacOS): There was a discrepency in the wording of the Physical and Health Education subject name that led to issues with grades display and subject name display. These issues should now be handled successfully within SilhouetteCE. Now, in all places, the subject name should be Physical and Health Education.

SilhouetteCE Version 4.x.x Help:

The scary yellow window:


When you first run Version 4 of SilhouetteCE and click on Student Reports or Comment Bases, you will see a yellow box that warns of possible dire consequences of pasting text from a word processor into SilhouetteCE.  Most teachers already know to avoid this, but every year we encounter a few sad stories....  This window will appear about once a month.

Note: If you have text in a word processor that you want to copy into SilhouetteCE, copy and paste it first into Notepad. Then highlight that text in Notepad and paste it into Silhouette.  (The process of pasting into Notepad filters out all the invisible commands that are hidden within word processor text and that are so dangerous when inserted into SilhouetteCE.


Primary reports - not much is different

Before Primary teachers begin work on their new reports in SilhouetteCE Version 4, they should enter Utilities and select the Primary radio button in the Edit Template subject listing.  Then click the Reset button to make the template dropdown subject names consistent with the current standards.


Primary Templates: teachers may use Copy Template to copy a template from a previous year's report into their new class folder but of course they will have to modify the subject name to comply with the current naming.

Cautionary note: If a primary teacher has already created her Term 1 reports with Version 3 of SilhouetteCE then we think all may be fine for further reports this year (2016-2017), but we cannot guarantee it.  In the program, SilhouetteCE differentiates between earlier and Version 4.0.0 classes, so if changes were to be made during the year, only classes created with Version 4 would be affected.

 Intermediate reports:

Intermediate teachers must create their 2016-2017 class folders using Version 4 of SilhouetteCE.  If created with Version 3 then all may appear to be fine at first, but there may be irreversible problems when creating Term 2 and Term 3 class folders and reports.

  1. similar to the above re primary reports, Intermediate teachers should reset their subject name dropdown list via the Edit Template subject listings section in Utilities
  2. Edit Custom Report Data changes: Very important to Grades 6 and 7 teachers - there is a special message to Grade 6 and 7 teachers regarding reporting for Career Education and Applied Design, Skills,and Technologies.


Additional note:  as with previous versions of SilhouetteCE , you are able to change Arts Education to, for example, Music and to add up to three more subject areas in the grades grid.  However, for the Term 3 reports SilhouetteCE will either force an Arts Education subject into the next available position on the grades grid, or, if none is available, print an extra Arts Education Final Grades box onto the Term 3 report into which you must enter the final Arts Education grade by hand.

Grades 6 and 7 only - Career Education and ADST Final Grades entries  

Career Education and Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies final grade are required for grades 6 and 7 reports.  Entering these grades is somewhat unconventional.  Instead of entering the grade via the usual grades grid, these are entered in the same window in which you assign the student to the next grade as part of the Term 3 report.  So on grades 6 and 7 reports that window will look like this:


Note: The grades are assigned by selecting them from a dropdown rather than by typing them in.

Grades 6 and 7 Term 3 Reports grades will then look similar to this:



SilhouetteCE Version 2.2.x changes

The main change in Version 2.2.0 is the addition of the option on Primary reports to modify the report header to accommodate the size of the BCeSIS attendance sticker. This option is available for when the teacher must resort to using these stickers rather than taking advantage of the automated attendance option. The downside is that the space available for student comments on the first page is reduced.


With  the "Modify report..." check box unchecked, the space available is perfect for the attendance label that SilhouetteCE prints onto the report. For example:

With  the "Modify report..." check box checked, the space available is resized to accommodate the much larger BCeSIS attendance label. For example:attsticker

Other changes (Version 2.2.0):

1. Vancouver term 3 primary reports - the space between the Assigned to... line and the teacher's signature line has been increased when the signature line is set in Utilities to appear at the end of the report
2. Vancouver only - the restriction on mailing files to non-vsb addresses has been removed.

SilhouetteCE Version 2.1.x changes (Windows only)

In Version 2.1.x, you are now able to resize and maximize the Edit Student Reports window and the Edit Template window.  In order to enable this, we have had to completely rewrite these sections of SilhouetteCE.  There have been some minor changes in the way that student reports may be edited. The editing features are listed in the "How do I ...?" window when you click on that phrase in the menu on the Edit Student Reports windows or the "How do I ..." button on the Edit Template window.

How do I

 For example, these are the instructions for the Student Report Edit window:

How Do I 2

SilhouetteCE Help
NORTON False Positive: Intermittently, new Norton virus definitions for Windows computers appear to have cause false positives for a Trojan virus in SilhouetteCE. Norton then quarantines your SilhouetteCE.exe (yes, even though you may have been happily using SilhouetteCE for years)  and SilhouetteCE no longer works on your computer.  SilhouetteCE has been submitted to the Norton Virus Evaluation centre. We hope the issue will be cleared up in the new Norton virus definitions soon.  In the meantime you can follow the 'restoring a file from quarantine' process. The steps to do so are available on the help pages on the Norton site (open your Norton software, press F1 and then search for 'restoring a file from quarantine' . (January 7, 2013)
Button, Button, Where's My Button?: With the introduction of Version 1.8.0, in both the Windows and Mac versions we moved the Get Template and other buttons to the menu bar.  Unfortunately, in the Mac OS, the menu bar is not attached to the program window (as in Windows) so you have to look across the top of your screen to find it.
SilhouetteCE: First Term Basics (pdf file)

SilhouetteCE User Guide