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SilhouetteELAR 3 Help

March 5, 2019: Emailing Class Folders from home (Telus) in 2019: If your home internet service provider is Telus and you are attempting to email class folders, the recommendation has been to enter mail.telus.net as the SMTP Server. However, this address appears to be no longer valid.  Instead, try smtp.telus.net



SilhouetteELAR 3 (September 2015) features three major changes from previous versions of SilhouetteELAR:

1. support for MyEdBC. Create students files based on a data extract from MyEdBC. Instructions available here.
2. AIP and ELL Log features removed. (Teacher should use the AIP resource available on the VSB portal.)
3. compatible with the new MacOS version of SilhouetteELAR 3

SilhouetteELAR 3 Tutorials.
Each of the tutorials below is a pdf file which displays in your browser when you click on the link.
Note that some tutorials apply to both the Windows and MacOS versions of SilhouetteELAR 3.
Windows-specific Tutorials Windows/MacOS Tutorials MacOS-specific Tutorials
01 Bringing the MyEdBC extract into
 SilhouetteELAR 3
  02 Creating Folders of Student ELAR files  
03 Editing an ELAR Report-Windows 03 Editing an ELAR Report-MacOS
04 Printing ELAR Report-Windows 04 Printing ELAR Reports-MacOS
05 Additional Comments (including Quicktext,
Spell Checker settings, Thesuarus,
Get from and Add to the Comment Base)
06 Comment Bases
  07 Creating Term 2 Reports and Cloning  
  08 Adding New Students to Existing Folders  
    09 Updating SilhouetteELAR 3
  10 Copy folders from the old SilhouetteELAR
into SilhouetteELAR3