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SilhouetteELAR 4 Help

SilhouetteELAR 4 Tutorials.

Create students files based on a data extract from MyEdBC. Instructions available here.
Each of the tutorials below is a pdf file which displays in your browser when you click on the link.
Note that some tutorials apply to both the Windows and MacOS versions of SilhouetteELAR4.
Windows-specific Tutorials Windows/MacOS Tutorials MacOS-specific Tutorials
01 Bringing the MyEdBC extract into
  02 Creating Folders of Student ELAR files  
03 Editing an ELAR Report-Windows 03 Editing an ELAR Report-MacOS
04 Printing ELAR Report-Windows 04 Printing ELAR Reports-MacOS
05 Additional Comments (including Quicktext,
Spell Checker settings, Thesuarus,
Get from and Add to the Comment Base)
06 Comment Bases
  07 Creating Term 2 Reports and Cloning  
  08 Adding New Students to Existing Folders  
    09 Updating SilhouetteELAR4
10 Import Comment Bases into SilhouetteELAR4 from SilhouetteELAR3-Windows   10 Import Comment Bases into SilhouetteELAR4 from SilhouetteELAR3-MacOS