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Silhouette Installs and Updates

Installs of Windows and MacOS versions of Silhouette, reporting software for elementary and middle school teachers.

Full Installs: Vancouver, Delta and Burnaby, CCA, RCS
Vancouver School District Silhouette 4 - Vancouver School district (password required)
SilhouetteCE - Vancouver School District (password required)
SihouetteELAR 3 - Vancouver School District (password required)
SilhouetteIEP - Vancouver School District (password required)
Delta School District Delta Elementary Schools are now using SilhouetteDelta and CSL Delta - Pilot. Teachers may download installs for home use via the Delta School Board system.
Licensed Burnaby Schools Silhouette 4 - Licensed Burnaby Elementary Schools
Cornerstone Christian Academy Silhouette 4- CCA
SilhouetteCE- CCA
Richmond Christian School Silhouette 4 - Richmond Christian School
New Westminster School District
(Windows only)
SilhouetteGlenbrook - École Glenbrook Middle School (password required)
SilhouetteQMS - Queensborough Middle School (password required)
SilhouetteNW - for Queensborough Grade 5 Classes  (password required)
SilhouetteFR - for Fraser River Middle School (password required)
ClassList Printer 7 (September 2015)
Current version: 7.0.1
For use with a custom data extract from MyEdBC.
For VSB elementary school offices: Please contact your district IT support for the link to the full install.