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VSB SilhouetteELAR 3 (Windows) Install
for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

The installs on this page are for Vancouver Elementary School teachers to use at school and/or at home.

Download: Full install for SilhouetteELAR 3 (Vancouver)

SilhouetteELAR 3 will be installed in a SilhouetteELAR folder on your computer.

Procedure: Click on the download link above. If you are using Internet Explorer, a window will appear asking whether to Open (or Run) or Save the file. If using other browsers, you are mostly likely only to be able to download the file.

Open (Run) method:
1. The install file will download into a temporary folder on your computer. When done, the installation will begin.

Save it to your desktop method:
1. Click on Save and direct it to save to your desktop. Then minimize your web browser and double click on the install file that you saved on your desktop.
2. You no longer need the install file so you can drag it into the Recycle Bin (be careful that you don't drag the SilhouetteELAR 3 icon).

WINDOWS SECURITY WARNINGS:  Because you are downloading an .exe file, different Windows versions (Vista, 7, 8.1, 10) will give different security advisories about this download. In order to proceed with the install, you will have to indicate that you wish to download and install the software despite the advisories given.

Uninstalling? To uninstall SilhouetteELAR 3 use the uninstall method in the Control Panel.

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