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Duet Software News: 2018/2019

Emailing Class Folders from home (Telus) in 2019: If your home internet service provider is Telus and you are attempting to email class folders, the recommendation has been to enter mail.telus.net as the SMTP Server. However, this address appears to be no longer valid.  Instead, try smtp.telus.net


SilhouetteCE Version 4.1.10 (March 2019) Attendance Printed on SilhouetteCE reports: As of March 2019, SilhouetteCE no longer prints the Lates row of the attendance 'sticker'. This is because MyEDBC does not currently export Lates correctly.

Please note, however, that even though SilhouetteCE will not print the Lates row, in order to export a file from MyEDBC that is valid in SilhouetteCE, the PRINT LATE checkbox must be checked during the attendance file export process in MyEDBC. Revised instructions how to export attendance data from MyEdBC to SilhouetteCE are available here.

SilhouetteCE Version 4.1.1 (Windows) May 28, 2017: this update corrects rare issues when a VSB 2016/2017 report may not be interpreted as a Version 4 (2016/2017) report.

A special note for VSB teachers re Career Education and ADST grades and comments (this duplicates information displayed on the SilhouetteCE Tutorials page that is accessible via the opening window of SilhouetteCE):

In the Edit Student Report Data window there is a special message to Grade 6 and 7 teachers regarding reporting for Career Education and Applied Design, Skills,and Technologies.



Grades 6 and 7 only - Career Education and ADST Final Grades entries  

Career Education and Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies final grade are required for grades 6 and 7 reports.  Entering these grades is somewhat unconventional.  Instead of entering the grade via the usual grades grid, these are entered in the same window in which you assign the student to the next grade as part of the Term 3 report.  So on grades 6 and 7 reports that window will look like this:



SilhouetteCE Version 4.1.0 January 10, 2017: As of Version 4.1.0 of SilhouetteCE, there is no longer any danger of corrupting your student reprot files if you paste text from a word processor into a SilhouetteCE text window.  The text will automatically be cleaned of all formatting code when pasted.

MyEdBC Schoolwide Data File

Revised - November 7, 2016: Follow the instructions here to create a MyEdBC master.csv (the Schoolwide Data File) extract that will allow SilhouetteCE, Silhouette4, SilhouetteELAR, SilhouetteIEP as well as the New Westminster middle school custom versions of Silhouette to create classes of student report files.

Printing Attendance on VSB Silhouette Reports

March 2016: Vancouver Elementary Schools -  Add attendance to SilhouetteCE and Silhouette4 reports. Instructions are available here. (Note: these instructions have been revised to account for changes in the MyEdBC menus).

Checkmarks Problems on SilhouetteCE (Windows)

Problem: Instead of the expected checkmarks being displayed on screen and on the printed reports, 'little igloos'  or 'snowflakes' might be displayed on screen and square brackets might be printed on the printouts.

Important Note: The 'checkmarks' issue is NOT related to Silhouette or to your class folder. Rather it is to do with the computer you are working at having lost contact with the installed font that is used to display the checkmarks. Therefore, the 'checkmarks' issue may occur as you work on one computer but on another computer there may be no issue.  
On the SilhouetteCE opening window, click on the Utilities button and then on the Restore Checkmarks Font button.  This will reinstall the necessary font onto your computer. 
2. There are some cases where the above does not appear to restore the checkmarks: In that case, shut down your computer, wait a minute and restart it. Then run Silhouette and click on Restore Checkmarks button.
3. If the above does not resolve the issue, please email the address shown on the opening window of SilhouetteCE.