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About Duet Software, Inc.

Peter Findlay retired in June 2013 after thirty-three years teaching at Wolfe and Mackenzie Schools in Vancouver. Doug Colpitts retired in June 2008 after thirty-three years at Norquay School. They began writing software for their own students in the early 1990's, first on the Amiga platform and then for Windows and MacOS. In 1997, they created the first version of Silhouette which expanded to Silhouette 4, SilhouetteCE, SilhouetteELAR, SilhouetteIEP, SilhouetteGlenbrook, SilhouetteQMS, SilhouetteNW and SilhouetteDelta. SilhouetteDelta subsequently morphed into CSLDelta. As of fall 2023, only SilhouetteELAR4 is supported.

Contact Information

To contact Duet Software about an issue with SilhouetteELAR4, please email the address that appears on the opening window when you run SilhouetteELAR4.